Why an email verification service ?

Did you know that...?

  • ~20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax, domain and other errors
  • Only 28% of all messages sent worldwide ever reach the inbox
  • Having just 1% of your list bad can drop your deliverability by over 10%!

With AlgoCheck...

  • Improve delivery rates—and your reputation
  • Preserve your sender reputation
  • Improve the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your mailing campaigns by 97%

Based on highly accurate algorithms

Over the past few year, we have developed many highly accurate algorithms to determine if an email address is valid or not, including :

  • Syntax verification, typo check & suggestions
  • Free provider check (detect free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo!)
  • Disposable email address detection
  • Real-time SMTP & MX record look-up
  • Quality Score: a score that reflects the quality and deliverability of each email address
  • Data protection: Your list is transmitted, validated and maintained through secure means


All payments are a one-time fee with no hassles, no contracts
Credits never expire


Pack for 5 000 Emails




Pack for 10 000 Emails


Pack for 20 000 Emails

Pack for 1 000 Emails : $5.
Contact us for larger packs

Light API

Monthly Plan

Our experience shows that you can remove ~99% of invalid emails with the Credits Packs, and you can remove ~70% of invalid emails with the Light API


Pack for 40 000 Emails


Pack for 100 000 Emails

The LightAPI emails quota resets the 1st of every month.

The Power of Algorithms to clean your email lists

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